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Unformatted text preview: Clarence Li RUID 120006843 MVC#2 Describe and give examples of changes in your child's exploratory or problem solving behavior from 8 through 18 months and categorize them according to Piagetian and information processing theories. Note that 8 months is included, so you'll need to use the time-line to look back at 8 months for examples. According to Piagetian and information processing theories, Bubble’s exploratory and problem solving behavior is at a highly developed level at the sensorimotor stage of cognitive development. Being advanced in her gross and fine motor skills, such as being able to walk early at 9 months of age, constantly motivates Bubbles to explore new surroundings that she has never been able to reach before. She was always on the go, and showed signs of independence, wanting to be out-and-about in new places the park and the store for longer periods of time. When Bubbles was around 15 months old, she often studies things in her environment and performed experiments with them as if she was like a cute...
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