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HW1-due Jan-28-2011

HW1-due Jan-28-2011 - NNSE 508 EM Home assignment 1 Due 1...

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NNSE 508 EM Home assignment # 1 Due: January 27, 2011 1. Electric field is 2 V/cm everywhere on surface of a 10 cm diameter sphere and is centered on origin of the sphere. What is the net charge (sign and value) inside the sphere? 2. Calculate electric field in dielectric with = 3.9 over a charged surface with surface electron density 10 12 cm -2 . [Typical MOSFET] 3. (RF plasma generator) C onsider a single electron in an electric field between two parallel plates located 10 cm apart. The whole system is in vacuum. Assume the potential varies sinusoidally between 100 V and –100 V at a frequency of 13.5 MHz. The electron oscillates between these two plates without collision with the plates. (a) Calculate the maximum kinetic energy of the electron. (b) What is the minimum distance between the plates ? 4. Consider the electric field is measured much further that the distance between the charges in the dipole. Find the field (as a function of and p r ) of dipole: a) in the plane normal to the dipole's axis as shown in the figure. Indicate the direction of
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