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NNSE 508 EM Home assignment # 2 Due: February 03, 2011 1. Calculate a magnetic field of a thin long straight conductor with current I using both Bio-Savart law and Ampere's circuital law. Show that the results are the same. 2. Show that in the field of electromagnetic wave the magnetic part of the Lorentz force is smaller than the electric part. 3. EM wave with intensity 1 mW/m 2 (in the air) falls normally on a seawater ( = 4 S/m, r =81, r =1) surface. a) Find propagation constant, attenuation constant, wavelength, phase velocity and amplitudes of E and H for wave frequencies: 1 Hz, 1 kHz and 1 MHz. b) At what depth the energy of these waves will drop by 10 times? c) Is salt water a good conductor or good dielectric? 4. a) Show that if a cylindrical wire radius is much greater than skin depth, a >> , a resistance of wire per unit length is
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