Assignment 8 chapt 6+7

Assignment 8 chapt 6+7 - actors. Everything together made...

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Eric Russo Las Meninas Introduction to Theater 12/6/09 Sarah Brew: 12:20 Las Meninas What an amazing performance. Throughout Las Meninas it was very hard to take my eyes off the stage. At first I thought the play was going to be slow and boring, and also that it would be hard to understand. Then, everything started to pick up, and the true characters were starting to come out on stage. One of the best parts for me was that there was so much going on at once, I was occupied the entire time trying to put everything together. Along with that the costumes, music, and acting was absolutely amazing. Las Meninas was set in the France, during a period in the1600’s. So, the culture was something that I wasn’t used to. The costumes were bright and flashy, the music was slow and eloquent, and the acting gave me the feeling that I was in France, and at times I actually was. The stage was set up in a way where the audience can see the performance from all angles, and the closest seat is no farther than 3 feet from the actual
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Unformatted text preview: actors. Everything together made Las Meninas a great experience, and although it was set in the 1600’s, it still related very similarly to today. Using all the elements of theater, Las Meninas took the audience back in time to visualize the story of a different culture and to stress the fact that some things just never change. Being able to picture an actual time period through the acting and costumes makes a performance very easy to watch. What was worn, and how people acted during the France in the 1600’s is very different than that of the 21 st century. There were three different classes being represented in Las Meninas, the wealthy, the middle class, and the poor. The King of Spain, Louie, and the Queen, Marie, were always very nicely dressed. King Louie was dressed in nice black shoes, long socks, caprice...
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Assignment 8 chapt 6+7 - actors. Everything together made...

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