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Eric Russo 11/17/09 Intro to Theater Sarah Brew 12:20 Bill T. Jones Serenade/ Proposition To act through dancing is a completely different experience. Dance productions can make one think differently compared to attending the traditional play. They are made to get different points, feelings and emotions across to an audience. To be a viewer of a dance production it can take a lot of focus; every little movement and every different step mean something different. It is a way of expressing oneself completely through movement, with some background music, singing, and inspirational words. I have never actually attended a dance production before and have never been a part of anything dance oriented ever, and I am a terrible dancer. This show though, could be deciphered by anyone; it’s all in what you get out of it. Bill T. Jones had accepted a task which he had to, in his own way; approach the legacy of Abraham Lincoln. What a crazy task it is to follow the background of someone whose history consists of so much. The dancing along with the lights, music, set and background picture was truly a different experience. Although at points of the production it was very hard to understand exactly what was trying to be said, Bill T. Jones left it up to the audience to make their own interpretation by considering all the different aspects of art. With the dancers moving and scattered all over, the lights flashing and the music serenading, it made the production very interesting. Although I wasn’t sure what the lyrics of the music were, it truly had a beautiful sound. It was very relaxing, the woman’s voice was incredible and the cello sent shivers down my spine. The music gave Serenade/Proposition its tempo, it allowed the dancers
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bill t jones - Eric Russo 11/17/09 Intro to Theater Sarah...

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