Marta the Devine - Eric Russo 11/23/09 Introduction to...

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11/23/09 Introduction to Theater Sarah Brew: 12:20 Marta the Divine What could possibly catch ones attention better then bright, eccentric costumes and overwhelmingly crazy acting? Marta the Divine was filled with fun and excitement and at parts it was hard to tell if the audience should be laughing or in awe of what just happened. If laughing wasn’t the main sound coming from the audience it was common to hear “ewww,” and a loudly yelled “OHHH.” I caught myself even covering my eyes in a few scenes. It was interesting to see a play that had been translated into English and that came from Spanish origin. It would be very uncommon to see Americans walking around wearing clothes as bright as those which were worn in Marta the Devine , now and in our past. The play at first was a little different and something I didn’t see myself liking very much, but it grew on me. The acting was awesome, the costumes were eye opening, the set was simple, and the Spanish music was smooth and made one feel as if they were in Spain. Marta the Devine used all of the elements of theater to produce a funny, eccentric play which caught the eyes of the audience and anyone willing to experience a different culture. The acting and costumes combined are what made the play fun to watch. Every character had their own costume which made them unique throughout the production. Each costume was bright and colorful; it was almost hard not to laugh just by looking. Although the costumes added a lot to the play, at some points they took away from it too. Instead of being able to focus on the play as a whole it was hard at points to take my eyes off the flamboyantly bright costumes. That was eventually cancelled out by the acting. Everything in the play seemed to be
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Marta the Devine - Eric Russo 11/23/09 Introduction to...

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