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205JournalForm - Anthropology 205"Inequality and Oppression...

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Anthropology 205 "Inequality and Oppression" Eric Russo 2/6/10 Readings: Aint No Makin’ It, by Jay Macleod 1. Summary of the Readings: The main point of the reading was to highlight how the United States is structured around inequality. There are not enough good jobs with solid pay and hours to fit the needs of the United States. Depending on class and race, it could be very difficult for people to find a job. If one was born in a low-class family, their chances of getting a high paying job are lower than someone who was born in a higher class. The odds are even slimmer for a minority born in a lower class. In the reading there were the Hallway Hangers and the Brothers, both who struggle but for different reasons. The Hallway Hangers didn’t go to classes, did poorly in school, and dropped out early. Most of the minorities in this group grew up in the slums and had rough lives. The Hallway Hangers had a very slim chance against society; they had little education, poor living conditions, and were given no direction. Then there were the
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