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Anthropology 205 "Inequality and Oppression" Eric Russo 10/11/10 Reading: Paul Farmer, “An Anthropology of Structural Violence” King, “Keeping People in Their Place” Bartle, “Lesbians and Hate Crimes” 1. Summary of the Readings: Paul Farmer wrote about structural violence and its daily effects, but uses Haiti as a specific example. The people of Haiti have been going through hell ever since they were brought over to the island. The types of poor treatment have been due to many forms of structural violence including lack of food, hospitality, and healthcare. Farmer had to witness thousands of Haitians who were in terrible shape and were relying on a free hospital, most with no prior treatment. Although the government has plenty of money to share and save lives with, they would rather sit back and watch all of these innocent people suffer. Bartle discusses the inequalities towards lesbians. Information on lesbian hate crimes was hard to find, for gays it was more readily available. Women were afraid to ask for help because everyone seemed to be against lesbians
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