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Eric Russo 10/18/10 Anthony Martin: Thursday 4:4:50 Anthropology 106 1. Desalvo: “There was not one white race; there were several, and some were not as good as others.” This article was extremely interesting to me because everyone in my family is Italian, and the first members to arrive here in America were in the late 1800’s, early 1900’s. I was never fully aware of how much Italians were oppressed against, and I also wasn’t fully aware that there was a time when Italians weren’t all considered white. But they were oppressed against, white workers on the railroad got paid more than Italian workers, Italians were abused and treated as a separate species not as good as the “true American worker,” especially in years before World War 2. Although these Italian American immigrants would have much rather lived in their own country with their own people, culture, and families, life in Italy couldn’t sustain one’s life and family. So, they were forced to fight for citizenship, naturalization, and for a
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