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Eric Russo 3/25/10 Reading: Kozol, Ch. 5 and Chang, "Undocumented Latinas 1. Summary: Kozol talks about Washington D.C and how the students in the city slums have to deal with horrible learning and living conditions. They were provided no materials, the bathrooms were so bad that the students say they would rather wait until after school, and no one really cares. The wealthy white parents say it’s not a matter of money but a matter of parenting, and state that “we have it, so we spend it.” These wealthy residents who don’t need financial help get whatever they want. A lot of these residents are government officials so there views are spreading further then just Washington D.C. These poor black children are barricaded by the unfair walls of this country, are surrounded by drugs and crime, and are purposely led to failure. Chang discusses inequalities towards undocumented immigrants. Many of these inequalities are towards woman who left their country to earn money, or to start a life in America. They were forced to do domestic work, babysitting, and agricultural work for other families. They were paid below minimum
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