anthro assig 8 - Eric Russo Lisa Rios 11:15 Readings...

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Eric Russo 4/8/10 Lisa Rios: 11:15 Readings: Lowe, "Work, Immigration, and Gender," Ogden, “The Prison-Industrial Complex in Indigenous California," Borhman and Murakawa, "Remaking Big Government," Davis, "Masked Racism," Movie: Prison Town USA 1-In Bohrman and Murakawa reading Bill Clinton stated that “the era of big government is dead,” which is a huge overstatement. Big government has become larger and dumber, only fitting the needs of certain groups of people. Money is being subtracted from welfare and added to immigration and crime policy. Law enforcement has significantly grown over the last 30 years, leaving less welfare compensation, housing opportunities, and nutrient assistance. Along with that the population of these prisons has sky rocketed leaving less room for education and drug treatment, but leaving a lot of room for prison labor. The shift of prisoners is what really highlights the problem; in the 1950’s 70 percent of prisoners were white, and in 2000 70 percent of prisoners were of black and Latino ethnicity. -Ogden discussed problems with Native American woman in California. California has the most woman prisoners in the nation and the biggest prisons in the world. The amount of woman in prisons in 1980 to 1999 increased 850 percent. She talks about her own situation as a Native American. Ogden was rapped and abused by family members and has been treated like trash since the age of five. Ever since the Spanish entered California the natives have been discriminated against and have had a hard earned culture destroyed. -Davis’s reading talks about how prisons haven’t cured any problems but have actually caused
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anthro assig 8 - Eric Russo Lisa Rios 11:15 Readings...

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