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anthro assignment 5 - Anthropology 205 "Inequality and...

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Anthropology 205 "Inequality and Oppression" Eric Russo 3/2/10 Reading and Movie: The Edge and the Center by Setha Low Edward Said on Orientalism 1 . Summary of the Reading and Movie: Edward Said defines orientalism as a preconceived notion of the way people are and act based on skin color. He talked about how the majority of people that judge those of Middle Eastern countries have never even been there. All outsiders see and make judgments off is television, movies, and art. The drawings we see are abstract pictures of people that “look different” from artists who have never actually experienced the culture, and movies of Middle Eastern countries which distort terrorism and suicide bombings. Today, we give Arabs an evil orientation as if they are all frightening, threatening, and mysterious people. We even blamed the Oklahoma bombing on terrorists when it was actually a white teenager from America. Americans generalize all people of Middle Eastern countries to past events, which needs to end. In Low’s reading she uses New York City and San Antonio as two examples of middle class residents moving out of the city to gated neighborhoods in the suburbs. In the process of interviewing people who moved to gated communities the majority said it was for safety reasons, but one couple said it was because of “ethnic changes.” Overall though, it just keeps the wealthy
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anthro assignment 5 - Anthropology 205 "Inequality and...

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