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Woman re the fastes growing segment of prson population 1980-99 850 percent Nationally aa-5.4 times rate of whites, latinos double 80 percent imprisoned have chil under 18 Cali most woman prisoners nation, biggest prison in world Welfare entrehcnment=both immigration and crime policy have become more expensive , income secrtyUnemployment compensation, nutrient assisitance, housing decreased since 1975 Law enforcenment hs grown ever year lst 30 years Prisons- overcrowded, less prisoner edu, less drug treatment, more labor 1950’s-whites 70 percent of prison, 2000-latino and black 70 percent More African American men in jail then higher education Dea look for back and latino profiles for drug busts
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Unformatted text preview: Prison town usa- susantown Farms are disparing, prison town, nearly half of residents work there,, 500 reportable incidents a year, 1 and 10 kids in us has parents incarcinated, not many jobs unless work at prison, lumber industry shut down-devastation and not much left, lot of domestic violence-brings job home, prison trying to takw away milk business, was brought in for economic opportunities-not much at all, 10 months in prison for stealing food- had no food or money not fair, Maskedracism Prisons dont disappear problems they disappear human beings- of certain types Become big business Two million people imprisoned, 70 percent colored...
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