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anthro recording - -In Fridays discussion about chapter 5...

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-In Fridays discussion about chapter 5 in Kozol piece Covered the Anacostia schools, talked about issues in Fairfax and Montgomery. Inner city schools on lack of funding, don’t want to ship them to the other school. South boston a lot of drugs and poor schools getting caught selling drugs to wealthy white residenst at a young age by white cops. Standardize tests Were working illegally and were taking advantage of through rape and lack of pay, sometimes npot paid at all. Early 80’s new ways t deal with, and weather or not it was hurting the economy or hurting. Passed the rica which was ment reduce the amount of undocumented and amount already there. INS was hurting the immigrants in the long run. They couldmapply to be citizens but if they applied there was a grace period of 5 years, only options were to be homless and to take carppy jobs. Zambrano, brought about by two woman. Single mothers with children and were shafted out of a good life. Were getting helped by government which ruined there chance
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