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anthro week 8 - Eric Russo Anthropology 106 Week 8 Harris...

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Eric Russo 10/25/10 Anthropology 106 Week 8 Harris: Harris makes a very good point in the reading, stating that to plan and make change for the future, one has to know and understand our past. Today it is hard to believe that thousands of years ago small nomadic hunting and gathering bands were all thought of and treated as one. This was accomplished through a movement of reciprocity, which was the understand that everyone’s wealth (mostly food and tools) was shared to better the well being of the village as a whole. Hunter and gatherers didn’t like the idea of one person being better, or one person killing the big animal and sharing, they liked group efforts and even recognition between everyone. Although the majority of our pre-historic years followed similar footsteps, there are always people that want to be recognized more than others. The buildup to what we have become now has been a long, slow process and isn’t a big portion of human history, meaning we are not stuck with the form of leadership currently present, an egalitarian is our species natural way of life. -In the 21
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