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Eric Russo 11/8/10 Martin Anthony: Thursdays 4-4:50 Week 10 Bodley: Thinking of life and its conveniences today and comparing them to tribal life and practices of the past one would never guess which was more sustainable and healthy. As a developed nation we think increased incomes, higher standards of living, greater security and progress overall is a push towards universal happiness, and look down at less developed nations or tribal groups as people who live “unhealthy” and “unstructured” lives. But then one has to think, how have tribal groups survived this long? Tribal groups have survived for a very long time, and have survived within their means while staying healthier than people in developed
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Unformatted text preview: nations today, along with keeping our earth’s natural environments healthier than today. Increased progress eventually turns into larger populations with more needs, which is exactly what our world is pushing towards today. The introduction of cities, exports and imports of food, cash crops, and poor agricultural practices has forced tribal groups to live a much more unhealthy life, and is putting an end to the sustainable, happy, and healthy life they once lived. -If this is all true why does our world knowingly continue to push towards these unhealthy practices when it is clear what we are doing wrong?...
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