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anthro week 11 - Eric Russo Culture through Film Thursday...

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Eric Russo 11/15/10 Culture through Film Thursday 4-450 Week 11 Ehrenreich: Although we have seen it in movies and read about it in the newspaper, if one hasn’t lived a life in poverty they would never be able to imagine the obstacles these people have to deal with on a daily basis. Being surrounded by college students, most of who grew up in middle class families, it never really crosses our minds how easy our lives actually are. No matter what the day or circumstance, I never have to think about how I am going eat, how I am going to get to class and work, and where I am going to sleep. People in poverty have to take the lowest rank jobs, jobs which need no prior experience to be hired. These jobs are dirty, have terrible hours, have crappy management that don’t care about anyone else, and overall force these employees to take excessive pain medications and smoke packs of cigarettes to get through the day and to get any sleep. Along with having the lowest of the low jobs, their housing situations are just as bad,
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