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Eric Russo 11/22/10 Anthony Martin: 4-4:50 Week 1l Political Economy and the Media Ryan: America today, although still bias and filled with ideologies, is significantly different then it was even 30 years ago. The people who have had to live in slums and in poverty and those who are not white have been thought of in the past as a different species. It has been a process of Blaming the Victim. Instead of realizing that race is something that was socially constructed, people instead thought that the poor were “born that way.” Instead of “eradicating racism,” social engineers think of ways to strengthen the “Negro family,” and in education we have
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Unformatted text preview: “compensatory education” to build skills of the ghetto child rather than changing the structural aspects of the school. Certain ethnicities and social classes have forever been oppressed against and it has taken us until the 21 st century to realize that race is not biologically constructed, but is actually based on social aspects of the surrounding environment. -I don’t exactly understand Ryan’s point in the “LEAD PAINT CAN KILL” section of the article, what is he saying?...
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