anthro week 13 - Eric Russo 11.29.2010 Martin Anthony...

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Eric Russo 11.29.2010 Martin Anthony Thursdays: 4-4:50 Week 13: sex and gender, masculinities Miedzian: Miedzian shares a quote based on our countries national security managers’ lack of ‘training or incentive to develop understanding, compassion, or empathy for people in different circumstances from their own.’ This to me is one of the biggest problems in America. Many of our leaders along with a large percent of the American population do not understand that life in other countries isn’t as simple and prosperous as our own. Instead we make decisions based mainly off being “real men,” and declare wars rather than promote conciliation. This is a process that started back in the 1800’s, and has since formed the mind set in men across America to give their lives for something that could potentially be negotiated and settled. In America, the “wimps” that would rather peace and harmony throughout the world lose their jobs and are looked down upon, while the “real men” who focus importance on increasing the economic interests of the military-industrial complex are praised, no wonder the world is so uneven. -Is the idea of “real men” associated with the leaders of most industrialized, capitalist countries? Martin: Although I am well aware of the ideologies on male supremacy projected in everyday life, Martins piece on the sperm and the egg is news to me. To be honest, I think it is a bit ridiculous that it has
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anthro week 13 - Eric Russo 11.29.2010 Martin Anthony...

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