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Eric Russo 12//5/10 Anthony Martin Thursdays 4-4:50 Week 14 Hesse-Biber: Through TV, movies, billboards and print, America has glamorized woman into the way they are “supposed” to look causing insecurity and unhealthy habits throughout the country. All of these different forms of advertisements offer woman ways to improve so they can look like the computer enhanced, over exaggerated models being portrayed in every magazine and TV show. If you are not tall with long skinny legs, and blonde with straight flowing hair, then you are not good enough and should probably watch more TV to see how you can change.
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Unformatted text preview: The rise of capitalism throughout corporate businesses has been one of the biggest issues, instead of worrying about the health of the current population these businesses are more concerned with profit. By showing woman in America the way they are supposed to look, and by glamorizing these woman through advertisements is causing them to be fake, unhealthy, and depressed. -Daniels: “Objectification theory proposes that societal objectification of women results in a tendency for women to view themselves…. .as an object to be evaluated.”...
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