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final portfolio- focus - frustrating times; it has very...

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The focus of my project is to get to the bottom of Sunderland’s decreasing population. Because of this decrease in population and the lack of affordable housing, Sunderland is dealing with a proposed Massachusetts 40b housing project. I am going to find out what exactly is going on through this plan, what has already been done, and also where it will bring Sunderland in the future to prevent this from happening again. As a case study I am also going to discuss the Sugarbush Meadows complex controversy, for it is a perfect case going on right now which relates directly to my main focus. The town in the last decade has gone through some very
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Unformatted text preview: frustrating times; it has very little affordable housing, and while the median house value is above the state average, the renting percentage is also higher (“Sunderland, Massachusetts (MA 01375). Unfortunately, no one is sticking around while Sunderland is going through this depression, why would they? The town needs some serious help, and with the lack of residents and participation, some serious changes need to happen. Although the times are rough it is possible to get things back on track again, and my goal is to find out how and what Sunderland is doing for this change....
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