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final portfolio-part a - Other features in the town include...

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Sunderland is a farming town, with a beautiful display of green landscape, located off of I-91 in the Western part of Massachusetts. The town is part of a larger community, Franklin County, a county with 26 towns. According to the last census in 2000 the population of Sunderland was 3,777. In this small town, there are only 765 families and 1,633 households. As for transportation, there are PVTA buses going in and out of the town and also the Amherst Amtrak train minutes away. Sunderland is 14.4 square miles of land and 0.4 square miles of water and is located on the eastern bank of the Connecticut River (“Sunderland, Massachusetts (MA 01375).
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Unformatted text preview: Other features in the town include Mt. Toby, which is known for its waterfalls and is also good for hiking, biking, and trail riding (“Mass.Gov”, Community Profile). In the town adjacent to Sunderland, Deerfield, there is Sugarloaf Mountain. Sunderland has always been known as an agricultural town that has been producing different products for some time. Some of these products include dairy, tobacco, produce and Sunderland have also been involved in the maple sugaring business. In an aerial view of Sunderland one will see a lot of opened fields for farming and a lot of trees, a truly beautiful sight (“Sunderland, Massachusetts (MA 01375)....
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