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Final portfolio-part c - Sunderlands decreasing population...

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Sunderland’s decreasing population has been a problem for a little over a decade. So, for a little over a decade the town has been doing everything they can to increase its affordable housing to a number closer to 10%. To ensure that there will be an increase, one that the town can handle, Sunderland has a Development Rate Bylaw. This bylaw makes sure that the town is increasing in housing, but in a healthy manner so that there isn’t an overwhelming amount of development in a short time, ruining the aesthetics. Because there haven’t been too many people moving into Sunderland, this Development Rate Bylaw has been focusing primarily on the development of affordable housing. When this is finally accomplished is when Sunderland will really have to have to watch out for an increase in development. At this point the town will have to make sure that more people doesn’t mean build a lot of infrastructure fast because that will cause more future problems.
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