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Planning board meeting notes - -On 116 very busy and...

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Eric Russo Planning Board Meeting notes: Sunderland MA, 12 School Street Date Attended: 11/10/09 Time Spent: 7:00pm to 8:20pm -Sunderland: Under 40b plan -Under plan until town has at least 10 percent affordable housing - Made an affordable housing plan which was approved by the government, but needs certification. -All development has to include affordable housing -Affordable housing has to rise by 1-1 ½ % every year until it reaches 10% -Government won’t let infrastructure be turned into affordable housing, everything has to be new -Sugarbush Meadows Complex Controversy -1 to 3 unit bedrooms -Would be built on wetlands -Unsafe/unprepared -No fire equipment -No sewer system
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Unformatted text preview: -On 116, very busy and potentially unsafe highway-More expensive then all current affordable housing even after subsidies -I was also able to talk to Margaret Nartowicz, she was able to provide me with the Sunderland Housing plan, and the letter sent to the Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency in concern of the Sugarbush Meadows complex. I then talked to the ZBA, they couldn’t talk to me much but they were able to send me the document with a schedule of the projected projects for the upcoming years along with a few of the graphs in the portfolio. Unfortunately, the building inspector never returned my phone calls and never answered to my emails....
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