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lab 10 residential developments - Eric Russo Lab 10...

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Eric Russo 11/21/10 Lab 10: Residential Development Patterns and Processes Residential Development 1 - Hunter Hill, Belchertown, MA: Our first stop was a typical 21 st century suburban neighborhood. Hunter Hill residential area is a good example of the developer closely following the zoning requirements for neighborhoods in the town of Belchertown. The building types for the houses in the neighborhood were detached, two story, single family dwellings. Each detached dwelling had a large setback of about 100-150 feet, and 3 quarters of an acre just in the front yard. The backyards of the houses were significantly smaller than the front, leaving about 1.5 acres of land for each of the dwellings. The houses ranged from 1500-2500 square feet. Each house had its own long, narrow private driveway which leads to an attached garage. Along with that in the backyard of each house there was a private well, septic tank and propane tank. The landscape of the neighborhood was mostly grass with few trees on each dwellings parcel. Many of the houses had small patches with vegetation and trees. Surrounding the neighborhood, though, was forest. There was one road in Hunter hill that is a cul-de-sac, which is cheaper for the developer, accessible for fire trucks, and can also be used for parking. The road is 25 feet wide with an extra foot on each side due to the curb. The road goes three feet further on each side of the curb to keep it from caving in. Underneath the road is one foot of substrate, the substrate is small at the bottom and gets bigger further up. Electric lines run parallel to the roads and underground to the houses.
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lab 10 residential developments - Eric Russo Lab 10...

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