p and p lab 3 - Eric Russo Lab 3 Hydrology of the Mill...

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Eric Russo 9/25/10 Lab 3: Hydrology of the Mill River Watershed A) Headwater Tributary: The first stop of the lab was at the tributary to the Mill River watershed. The tributary was intermittent due to the lack of rain. The channel was small, about two to three feet wide and one and a half feet deep, with a 2-3% slope. The soil of the channel was a mixture of clay, silt, and sand, but also contained cobbles, decaying organic matter (leaves, sticks), and trees (some which had fallen over the channel). The landscape is very flat on both sides of the channel where the floodplain is. The floodplain extends for about 100 to 200 feet on each side and consists of deciduous trees such as witch hazel, sugar maples and rhododendrons. There was also a lot of young growth such as trees, which means that this part of the forest was touched by human activity, possibly logging. The floodplain also consisted of fungi and the floor was covered in organic matter. The channel slopes down to a road, under the road is a metal culvert which drains to the other side of the road to a similar channel. The metal culvert speeds up the velocity of the water causing erosion and deposition where it enters the stream on the other side of the road. The 100% canopy cover makes it hard for the water to get into the stream though, mitigating the erosion the metal culvert could cause. Close by to the stream are some scattered houses, most of which are one to two acres of clearing. B) Headwater Tributary: The second stop was at the headwater channel, which was 15 to 20 feet wide and about 6 feet deep; the water was only about 4 inches deep. The channel looked to be going mostly straight with some slight meanders, and had a four to five percent slope. In the channel there were some decent sized boulders and also some cobbles, and there were not a lot of fine particles due to faster erosion and more water
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p and p lab 3 - Eric Russo Lab 3 Hydrology of the Mill...

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