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Semester Project Summary - Eric Russo LA 547 Landscape...

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Eric Russo LA 547 Landscape Patterns and Processes Term Project- Option 1 Prime Agricultural Land in the Mill River Watershed The planning boards of Amherst, Shutesbury, Sunderland, Hadley, and Leverett, Massachusetts, asked me to identify and prioritize the best 1000 acres for agricultural preservation within the Mill River Watershed. Using GIS I needed to pick the land uses that I thought were most suitable, suitable, and not suitable for agricultural uses. I then had to choose input parameters and assign values of importance to each of these parameters that would help separate the most suitable landscapes, the suitable landscapes, and the not suitable landscapes. The input parameters that I thought would be most useful to separate the best agricultural landscapes in the mill river watershed were soil drainage, slope, current protection status, and land type. The first step I took was to choose prime landscapes and assign values depending on importance of protection. The values used were 10, for most suitable, 5 for suitable, and 0 for all other land uses that would not be suitable for agriculture. First I thought that it would be most important to preserve the land currently being used for agriculture. Therefore, cropland, pastureland, forested land, orchards, open land, and nursery’s were all assigned the value 10 for most suitable. These landscapes are currently in use for agriculture for reasons such as location
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Semester Project Summary - Eric Russo LA 547 Landscape...

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