Concert Reporte - When entering Bezanson Recital Hall in...

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When entering Bezanson Recital Hall in the Fine Arts Center, I was very excited and couldn’t wait to hear what was about to be performed. It was very interesting to see a mix of jazz faculty and students, two extremely different sounds and generations of music. Although music has gone through some huge changes in the years separating these different generations, with jazz some things will just never change. In the concert there were two different acts. The first act was a small jazz band with a rhythm section and horns, and the second act was a small wind ensemble with a rhythm section. The small jazz band was a very nice introduction to the rest of the concert. Throughout the performance the band played seven very smooth jazz songs with many alternating solos between the horns, acoustic guitar and bass. In the second act the wind ensemble played three different movements. The movements were written and played by Jeffrey Holmes, who is a trumpet player, arranger, composer, and educator at UMass Amherst. Holmes is a very well known musician who has composed pieces for musicians such as Max Roach, and has performed side by side with Dizzy Gillespie. In the performance many complex songs were played by two different types of bands, both which used some very similar elements
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and sounds to produce tunes that caught the attention of all. ("UMass Amherst Dept. of Music and Dance") All of the performers in the concert were noticeably experienced musicians. In my opinion, the musicians of the first act were better individually then they were as a band. I am not saying this because I thought they played poorly together, but it seemed like as a whole they hadn’t been playing together for that long. During some of the songs while one of musicians was soloing, some of the other band members looked to be lost or confused as to what they were supposed to play. But, they all kept in very good contact throughout the performance. While watching it was interesting to see how the performers were checking up on each other, they all made sure to keep consistent eye contact and evaluation on each individual to keep the music clean and presentable for the audience. In the second act, the wind ensemble and rhythm section played three movements which held some very structured sound. Once again, it was easy to tell
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Concert Reporte - When entering Bezanson Recital Hall in...

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