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Eric Russo 1/31/10 Sustainable Cities Definitions of Sustainable Development Social Capital: According to Toward Sustainable Communities social capital pertains “to the organizations, structures and social relations which people build themselves, independently of the state or large corporations.” For a community to accomplish sustainable development everyone needs to work together and be on a similar page. A huge problem is that a lot of people think that there help isn’t needed or they aren’t affecting the cause. That cannot be the attitude. Everyone is needed, whether it’s by attending town meetings, forming specialized groups or just getting your voice heard. The town or city needs to be able to keep the town updated about meetings and events, and to make sure everyone is given a chance to be involved, no matter of class, race,
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Unformatted text preview: religion, or stance on specific subject. Natural Capital: “Natural capital refers to any stock of natural assets that yields a flow of valuable goods and services into the future.” It is very important that the natural systems which we wouldn’t be able to survive without are protected. It should be more important to protect the environment rather than chipping away at it for our pleasure. The more we use the environment the way it naturally works the less we will have to use it to fix the problems which we have created. Everything natural on this earth were carefully designed to circulate with each other to keep the world healthy and spinning, not to negatively react in ways which cause future concern. In order to achieve sustainable development, humans need to practice coinciding with the environment in a natural way....
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