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Ecological Footprint - Eric Russo Sustainable Cities...

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Eric Russo 2/22/10 Sustainable Cities Ecological Footprint My home in North Andover Massachusetts has three bedrooms and the lot is a quarter of an acre. The house is in its 40’s and was built by the man that lived in it before us. Because of its old age the insulation is also very old and not good enough to support my house. This is causing us to use more heat and electricity. If we were to replace the insulation and maybe even look into solar panels, although they are very expensive, that would make a significant impact on our housing footprint. There are two bathrooms in my house and only one of them has a shower. I am not one to take long showers and I rarely shower more than once a day. For transportation I do not own my own car, but I can occasionally use one of my two brothers or one of my parents. Usually though, I ride my long board or bike. In the summer especially I never ride a car, and if I do me and my friends are always carpooling or taking the train.
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