Economic Development Exercise

Economic Development Exercise - Eric Russo 2/10/10...

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Eric Russo 2/10/10 Sustainable Cities Economic Development Exercise Northampton, Massachusetts Northampton is a small, tight knit city. The population in 2008 was 28,379 and is filled with almost 14% more females then males. The majority of the workforce in Northampton is involved in education, but many others own, or works for, a club or theater business. In the last 10 years the city has been more of a place to visit for the nightlife and also for Smith College, which is a very successful, all girls’ institution.(“Northampton, Massachusetts (MA) profile) Northampton attracts a lot of local people from the other four schools in the surrounding area because of the awesome nightlife. There are always concerts and theater productions presenting local and popular music and theater productions in venues such as Pearl Street, The Elevens, and many more. Along with that there are many well known restaurants and shopping centers that have attracted people from all over.(“Venues in Northampton, Massachusetts, United States - Upcoming”) Tourists aren’t just attracted to the restaurants and shopping centers, there is also an art festival, Paradise City Art Festival, which is very well known and attracts people from all over the nation.(“Weekend Winner - Paradise City Arts Festival - Northampton, Massachusetts”) Northampton is a city full of culture and new experiences. Although Northampton is an awesome place to visit, it is becoming a less attractive place
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Economic Development Exercise - Eric Russo 2/10/10...

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