final porfolio- part d

final porfolio- part d - Currently, it is very hard for...

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Currently, it is very hard for Sunderland to accept new development because of the residents love for the town. Sunderland is beautiful; it is filled with open space and an eye catching landscape. A lot of the people who live in Sunderland have been there for awhile, and reside there because of its quiet nature and nice people. It is close to the mountains, UMass Amherst, New Hampshire, and it is in driving distance of Massachusetts two main cities, Boston and Worcester. So why is Sunderland encountering so much hardship? Due to this faulty economy which is affecting the entire country, it is hard for a small town such as Sunderland to make good progress, progress that will consistently get better. At this point Sunderland has the highest rental percentage in the State. The majority of people that come in are not there to stay; it has recently been a place for people to settle down seasonally, such as UMass students who need housing during the school year. Also, the town has had inconsistent tax revenue. Because of Sunderland’s drastic decrease in population the town is losing a lot of their working population. There is nothing attracting outsiders to start their working lives in Sunderland. A huge problem is the lack of development and affordable housing. If there were to be a growing population then there would have to be an increase in development. This increase in development would have to include things such as new business, more transportation, housing for all classes, and also some essentials like more efficient waste water treatment and an increase in power resources. Sunderland would love to able to think in those terms, but unfortunately the towns view has been slimmed down to a minimum. The slim view that Sunderland has had to deal with for some time is because of the decrease in population, which is largely due to the lack of affordable housing. Sunderland is currently under the Massachusetts 40b housing plan. Under this plan the state can appoint towns who are having trouble developing affordable housing and set guidelines until they are back on the right track. Out of all the housing in Sunderland not even 10% of it is affordable which is what puts them under the plan. So what is going on, how is this plan supposed to help Sunderland? Until the town has at least 10% of its housing considered as affordable, the state is
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final porfolio- part d - Currently, it is very hard for...

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