Firsthand Analyisis of Urban Development

Firsthand Analyisis of Urban Development - Eric Russo...

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Eric Russo 3/1/10 Sustainable Cities Firsthand Analysis of Urban Environment The urban area which I chose to analyze is Main Street in South Amherst. Main St in Amherst Massachusetts isn’t a very long strip, but it is filled with excitement, culture, and plenty of different activities and shops that anyone could participate in. When walking down the sidewalk towards the Bank of America, there were a mix of all different local shops, including coffee shops and music shops, and also well known places such as Papa Gino’s and Starbucks. There is also a post office, two different churches, restaurants and pubs, a variety of banks, a funeral home, and a historic graveyard right behind some of these main buildings. For smaller children that are dragged along with their family there are toy shops, places to get ice cream, and plenty of restaurants that are suitable for younger generations. Main St is a 15 minute walk from UMass Amherst and is an even closer walk from Amherst College. If it is a crappy day outside and students and residents don’t feel like making the walk or taking there cars, there are constantly buses running, rain or shine, that stop right in the middle of Main St. Along with shopping and socializing, there are plenty of places to live on the main strip, and even streets right off the main strip, including Kellogg Street, where there are multi story houses for students
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Firsthand Analyisis of Urban Development - Eric Russo...

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