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My neighborhood - Eric Russo Sustainable Cities Mapping my...

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Eric Russo 4/28/10 Sustainable Cities Mapping my block Southwest/Patterson Area I live in the Southwest Residential Area, in the Patterson dorm at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. Southwest is packed with 5,500 students, which is the highest density of students on campus. Housing these students is five high rises which are each 22 floors, and eleven low rises. Southwest is split into two different sections because there are two different dining commons, Berkshire and Hampshire. I live on the side farther away from campus which is very close to Berkshire DC. Patterson is located on Sunset Avenue which is very convenient because when taking a left out of Patterson onto Sunset one is heading directly to Massachusetts Ave, the bus stop and is also in the direction towards rest of campus. By taking a right out of my dorm one is heading in the direction of fearing street, College Pizza, and to a bunch of my friends houses. On the other side of Patterson, which is in the direction towards dorms such as
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