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Eric Russo 4/21/10 Sustainable Cities My Role My name is Eric Russo and I am now 25 years old. I went to college at the University of Vermont-Burlington and studied hotel management. After five years at school I graduated with very good grades and applied for a job at a nice hotel in Burlington. After two years of serving customers and working at the desk I decided that I wanted a higher rank. I applied for a spot as an assistant manager and got it. This got me very good pay and experience; I met a lot of important people, got a lot of contacts and put myself in a promising position. I then decided that I would like to start my own hotel. It wasn’t my only goal to manage a hotel; it was also my
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Unformatted text preview: goal to start one from scratch. I found some open land, drew out a rough sketch of what I wanted, and proposed my idea to the planning board where it was accepted. After having architects and builders perfect my rough sketch, they went to work. After about a year my hotel was finished. I hired many workers, got a lot of supplies, and started getting my hotel out there. Now my hotel is very successful. It caters to everyone because of its fairly cheap prices, which cheaper than most hotels around. I am now very respected by the Burlington community; I am making a good yearly income and have put myself in a very good spot for my future....
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