SC assig 3 - Eric Russo Sustainable Cities Sustainable...

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Eric Russo 1/2/10 Sustainable Cities Sustainable Indictors Burlington, Vermont 1. Burlington wants to reduce their emissions by 80% lower than their 2007 emissions of 370,000 tons of CO2 by the year 2050. They have adopted their first Climate Action Plan and have gathered over 100 residents who have divided into different groups and have rounded up 178 different strategies to reduce green house gas emissions. Burlington even has their own energy efficiency and renewable energy firm, Springhill Solutions, which is going to look over and pick the best strategies to succeed. (“Burlington Climate Action Plan”) 2. John Todd’s Living Machine: John Todd and his team have made Living Machines in countries and continents around the world and have also made one in Burlington, Vermont. These all natural machines contain hundreds of different species and millions of bacteria which break down the pollutants. After a very in depth process this Living Machine produces clean water just as good as or better than any other current waste water method and provides compost material. This treats 1,600 households which equals about 80 thousand gallons of water daily, and cost less than our current system.(“Natural Water
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SC assig 3 - Eric Russo Sustainable Cities Sustainable...

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