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Exam #2 Study Guide

Exam #2 Study Guide - CLAR 241 Exam#2 Study Guide Exam II...

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CLAR 241 – Exam #2 Study Guide Exam II Isin-Larsa, Old Babylonian/Assyrian Periods; Anatolia from Assyrian Colony Period through Hittite Empire; Mesopotamia and Syro-Palestine in the Late Bronze Age; Middle and Neo-Assyrian Periods Know and understand the characteristic featues and monuments of the individual periods. Understand the problems of archaeology we have for the Old Babylonian Period and the importance of the palace of Zimrilim at Mari for assessing palatial complexes of this general time. Know and understand the phenomenon and chronology of the Assyrian Colony Period and the kinds of material evidence we have to interpret it. Know and understand the distinguishing features of Hittite architecture and other areas of Hittite material culture. In what ways might Hittite culture have been influenced by older Anatolian traditions? How does the nature of Hittite kingship and theology compare with what we have seen in Mesopotamia? Know the principal centers of the Assyrian Empire. What are characteristic features of Assyrian royal architecture? What is the importance of Assyrian relief sculpture and how can we see this artistic medium developing over time? Know and understand the following terms: Indo-European, Luwian, karum , rhyton, kudurru , hairpin arch, orthostate, continuous narrative. Anatolia in the Early Bronze Age ( ca . 3000-2000)
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Reconstruction of a burial at Alaca Höyük.
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Exam #2 Study Guide - CLAR 241 Exam#2 Study Guide Exam II...

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