1 - May contain animal bones be oily etc Stele o Upright...

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1/13/11 Mesopotamia o Means “Land Between the Two Rivers” Indicating the Tigris and Euphrates o Modern day Iraq, Syria, and Southern Turkey Relative Chronology o Dates without an exact timeframe attached o Opposite is Absolute Chronology Southern Mesopotamia is relatively swamp o Created a temperate climate Features of the area o Few rocks o Very flat, except where manmade structures are present o Principle building materials Palm tree products and mud brick o In many places you can’t get around by foot Used small boats through the canals Strata o Term used to describe a rock face which reveals different layers of settlement o Stratigrophy The study of strata o Floors of strata are easy to detect People continually walking over them compact the earth o Pits are the opposite They are very loose
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Unformatted text preview: May contain animal bones, be oily, etc Stele o Upright stone tablet o Often served as a sort of commemorative monument • Absolute Dating o Based mainly on ‘star dates’ and eclipses that were recorded o Not a great deal of historical records available from the time period • Cuneiform o Difficult to learn o Couldn’t just sit down and learn it like you can our alphabet Must attend school and usually become a professional scribe o Not a language Only a system of writing which can be applied to different languages • Mud Brick o Principle building material o Common for areas without much stone o Very high maintenance material Never build mud brick directly on the ground • Placed on Sacle o Stone foundation...
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1 - May contain animal bones be oily etc Stele o Upright...

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