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2/8/11 Troy o Located along the Hellespont where it empties into the Aegean o City possessed much wealth Possibly because of location o Used to overlook water Has since silted, filling partly in o Heinrich Schliemann Wealthy German businessman Thought the Iliad was true and set out to find Troy Found site in 1870 Excavated until his death in 1891 o We knew a place called Troy did exist Hittite records mention it Later ancients founded a new city on the site called ‘New Troy’ o Wall had a batter Slight angle as it rises Improves line of sight around base of wall o Troy II (2500-2300) Extended fortification wall Two gates led into citadel Citadel was mainly for rulers and elite
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Unformatted text preview: Others lived outside but could come in during times of crisis Megaron • Sort of palace Walls partly mud brick and timber Destroyed in a fire • Fired some of the mud brick Pottery first made on a wheel in this period • Previously was all hand-made Depas • Tubular cup with handles on each side • Similar types mentioned in Iliad Have found deposits of treasures • No indication of burial however • Possibly signifies that people were forced to evacuate and never able to return to retrieve them • Treasure of Priam o Found by Schliemann and dubbed by him o Large stash of gold and other treasures • Set of stone axes...
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