23 - o Investiture of Zimrilim – wall painting Located...

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2/10/11 Old Babylonian Period (1894-1595) --- Hammurabi of Babylon (1792-1750) --- Law code from Susa showing Hammurabi with god Shamash --- Terracotta plaques, including one showing (perhaps) Ereshkigal, goddess of underworld --- Mari, palace of Zimrilim (1782- 1759), destroyed by Hammurabi --- Shamsi – Adad of Assur (Assyria) --- Yarimlim of Alalakh (mod. Tell-Atcana) Law Code of Hammurabi o Found in Susa Taken there by Elamites o Top features Hammurabi standing in the presence of a seated god Again, not portraying himself as a god, but rather one with a special relationship Ereshkigal o Goddess of underworld o Shown naked Unusual for this time o With lions and owls Owl relevant because they are associated with night Mari o Parallel city to Babylon in this period o Mystique in leading though corridor to reach ruler o Palace had indoor plumbing o Wall painting Shows sacrifice taking place Not much left from painting Some sort of official ceremony
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Unformatted text preview: o Investiture of Zimrilim – wall painting Located just outside throne room • Ring and Rod o Symbol of kingship • Guardian statues o Idea takes hold in this period • Tell-Atcana o Palace of Yarimlin o Different displays of rulers Regionalism • 1595 – Hittite ruler send army to march on Babylon o Sacks city o Hittite ruler had to return to Anatolian capital in Hattusha o Ends Hammurabi’s dynasty Kassitte Period in Mesopotamia (1600-1100) --- Capital at Dur-Kurigalzu (mod. Aqar Quf): Ziggurat --- Sculpted boundary stone (kudurru) of Marduk-nadin-akhe (c. 1100) • Kassittes o Not sure where they came from o Fill power vacuum after fall of Babylon Hittites didn’t keep territory o Cultural sponges o Maintained control of southern Mesopotamia o Put up boundary markers of private land Especially for land given by a king Also served to ward off evil spirits...
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23 - o Investiture of Zimrilim – wall painting Located...

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