25 - Left side shows a deity in relief o Originally thought...

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2/22/11 Hattusha Wall fortifications o Double layered Layers close together Allowed small number of men to hold it Also prevented enemy from using battering rams o Sat on top of a ridge Gave defender high ground o Two staircases approached first wall from sides Meant attacker could not come directly o Rest of ridge covered with stones o Subterranean tunnel Entrance made with Post and Lintel construction Two vertical stones with another sitting on top for doorway Interior tunnel made with corbelling Uses large stones Megalithic construction o Gate protected by two sphinxes (South gate) o Bronze tablet Found under gate Written in cuneiform Treaty between Tudhaliya IV and a brother o King’s Gate (east) No exterior guardians From interior side, right side is bare
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Unformatted text preview: Left side shows a deity in relief o Originally thought to be a king o Holds axe, associated with military Built in Hairpin Arch o Not really corbelling o Not found in any other Hittite centers Perhaps distinguishing feature for capital o Features of Hittite Gates Dipylon Two door system Outer gate is inlet into structure Recessed If someone got through first gate, they are still trapped Must still get through another o Lions Gate Features lion guardian statues built into first gate Hairpin arches again Lions appear to be coming out of the stone May imply that they are a part of the citys defenses One lion bigger than the others Possibly the elder spirit...
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25 - Left side shows a deity in relief o Originally thought...

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