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3/3/11 Altar of Tikulti-Ninurta I (1244-1208) o Would have been contemporary of Tudhaliya IV o Continuous narrative o Portrays ruler as pious and humble before gods Neo-Assyrian Period (1000-612) --- Assurnasirpal II (883-859) --- Northwest Palace at Nimrud (Calah) --- Lamassu: portal guardian figures Assurnasirpal II (883-859) o Located by flat top of hat o Major effort for territorial expansion In previous century expansion began, but he accelerated it o Founders Stele Found in Nimrud Details founding of his Northwest Palace Shows himself and then writing Assyrian rulers always tried to outdo predecessors’ palace o Northwest Palace Sprawling complex Lamassu Guardian statues – used for throne room Also served as portal jams
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Unformatted text preview: Two types o First with bulls body, wings, and human head o Second type has body of a lion o Assurnasirpal with Griffins Feature continuous cuneiform passage over and over Also on back of slab Eunuchs also displayed Identified by lack of wings and lack of beard Images appear similar in different examples King may have issued standard images with which to be copied o Throne room Entrance is guarded by lamassu Has panels depicting worshippers of the king Would tell people entering how to act Depicts himself with the tree of life and god Assur Implies he has a special relationship with the god and is a sort of bringer of life...
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