34 - Khorsabads feature flat-topped hat Hair falls into...

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3/17/11 Tiglath-Pileser III (744-727) --- Central Palace at Nimrud --- Siege of the city of Upa Frieze depicting siege of Upa o Found in Nimburd from Central Palace o Displays psychological war that Assyrians used Corpses displayed on pikes o Soldiers climbing ladder wear different non-Assyrian helmets Siege warfare was very costly Mercenaries were expendable o Features multiple levels of activity Panoramic view Relief with animals being led away o Found in central palace o Depicts conquered city with its people and animals being led away Assyrians sometimes displaced populations in order to destabilize them o Three Assyrians shown prominently Keep records of everything leaving Sargon II (721-705) --- City and palace at Khorsabad (Dur Sharrukin) Khorsabad o Sargon moved capital here Only Assyrian capital not directly on Tigris o Palace began around 717 and finished about 706 o Gate A into palace Features lamassu guardians Genie divine creature stands behind lamassu Differences in lamassu from Nimrud
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Unformatted text preview: Khorsabads feature flat-topped hat Hair falls into sort of bun with curls Mostly the same o Has become symbol of Assyrian might o Throne room Featured lamassu protecting each of the three entrances Other figure stands between lamassu gazing out Holds lion in one hand and flail in other Curly hair o Unusual for the period Compare to icon dating back to Sumerian times o Curly-haired figure holding lion tales o Frieze shows ships carrying wood Probably building supplies for a palace First ruler to display construction of his palace Senacherib (704-681) --- New capital at Nineveh --- Citadel mound at Kuyunjik --- Southwest Palace (palace without a rival) --- Capitulation of Lachish in Syro-Palestine Senacherib moves capital to Nineveh o Had already been traditional wealthy city o Abandoned Khorsabad Under Senacherib empire is at its largest o Encompasses all Mesopotamia, Syria, part of Anatolia and Egypt...
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34 - Khorsabads feature flat-topped hat Hair falls into...

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