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35 - Indicates that workers are probably slaves •...

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3/22/11 Southwest Palace of Senacherib o Called “palace without a rival” o Probably the palace we know least about Nineveh was demolished when empire fell in 612 o Features many oblong rooms with multiple entrances Previous palaces typically had one or two serving as throne room May indicate Senacherib had multiple throne rooms and could change location depending on his audience “Time Warp” Relief o Left side of image shows Assyrians attacking city o Right side shows Assyrians rounding up prisoners o Isn’t a continuous narrative Jumps from one moment to another o Haven’t seen this before Senacherib Deportation Scenes o See a lot of these from Senacherib era Probably indicates a lot of this occurred under him o Decentralizes potential opponents Balati Quarry Relief o Shows actual quarry that had been found under Senacherib (limestone) o Workers line up on either side to dump debitage o Soldiers stand at top and bottom
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Unformatted text preview: Indicates that workers are probably slaves • Captives pulling lamassu o Slaves pull massive block, while others lever it Must pull it all the way to Nineveh probably from Balati o Soldiers stand watching Some with whips o Senacherib himself can be seen in top left viewing the progress • Other image shows upright lamassu being transported • Like his father, relief shows construction of palace o Speaks to resources of empire Could get best limestone etc, had massive labor pool • Siege and Capitulation of Lachish (c.700) o Occurred fairly early in Senacherib’s reign o Siege image Shows Assyrians scaling walls On right side people are leaving city Soldiers on siege ramp huddle behind siege machine • Gives some protection o Procession image Shows population being deported Soldiers carrying looted items...
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