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13c1 NOTES Renaissance - Renaissance the Revolutionary West...

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Unformatted text preview: Renaissance: the Revolutionary West Transformation of Europe 1000 Europe was one of the most backward civilized region in the world Size of cities, population, wealth, literacy, political power, culture By 1400 Europe was the equal of each of the other Major civilizations By 1700 Europe was substantially ahead of other major civilizations By 1900 Europe ruled or dominated the entire world Decline of Europe By 1990 Europe is in relative decline Nearly all colonies are gone Military power now shifted to Americans Regional military forces are capable of victory; Colonial wars, Vietnam, Afghanistan Asia and Mid-East are reasserting Economic power Technological Revolution Technology vs. Science Innovation vs. Adaptation Why Europe needed new technologies poor, isolated, weak, under populated European Military Revolution Decline of the feudal military aristocracy gunpowder weapons, volley fire, professional standing army, siegecraft, naval innovations Economic Revolution Agricultural Revolution: land, plows, three fields Revival of Trade and Towns (Oriental and Internal) Governments unable to control the economy = Nascent capitalism European Expansionism Extremely belligerent and militaristic nobility Gold, glory & God Christian missionary expansionism Medieval Holy War Reconquest of Spain; Crusades; expansion to Slavs Italian trading cities Portuguese & Spanish search for Asian sea trade route Intellectual Revolution New ideas flood into Europe forcing a transformation of the society Renaissance: Rediscovery of ancient Greek and Latin learning Printing (moveable type) Reformation: Religious Tolerance becomes a necessity Constitutional Government Does the king make the law or the law make the king? King is bound by laws of God of nobles = Magna Carta Of people = Parliament ...
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