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Unformatted text preview: Modern Jerusalem Ottoman Empire {1299/1516-1923} Suleyman the Magnificent ❖ 1520-1566 ❖ Height of power of Ottoman empire ❖ Restoration ✦ Walls, of Jerusalem fountains, Temple Mount Decline ❖ Relative Economic and Political decline ❖ shifting trade routes ❖ Jews migrate to Ottoman empire but not to Jerusalem ❖ Local eastern Christian population Old Jerusalem c. 1890 Nineteenth Century ❖ The “Sick Man” of Europe ✦ ❖ Imperialist European competition to dismantle Ottoman Empire Building of European “colonies” ✦ All the “great powers” want a political and religious presence in Jerusalem ✦ France, Russia, Germany, Austria, Italy, America, England ❖ Restoration of Christian Churches ❖ Protestant Missionary Activities (schools) Augusta Victoria {1898} ❖ European Imperialist ideology Augusta Victoria Modern Jerusalem {1917-2011} ❖ Zionist movement ❖ Nationalism, Socialism ❖ Anti-Semitism ❖ Herzl, The Jewish State, (1987) ❖ Desire to migrate to Israel vs. desire for a Jewish State ❖ Religion and Zionsim Modern Jerusalem {1917-2011} ❖ World War I ✦ British conquest of Jerusalem 1917 ✦ Balfour declaration ❖ British Mandate {1917-1948} ❖ Jewish ʿAliya (“Ascent” = immigration to Israel) ✦ massive immigration after WWII Arab-Israeli conflict ❖ Tensions arise in the early 20th century ✦ immigration of Jews vs. Jewish state ❖ WWII and the Holocaust ❖ UN Resolution divides the country ❖ War 1948 ❖ Jordanian Jerusalem 1948-1967 ❖ Israeli Jerusalem 1967-2011 ❖ sixty years of failure to resolve the Jerusalem Problem Eschatological Jerusalem ❖ Eschatology = study of last days ❖ Book of Revelation ❖ Later Eschatological Traditions ✦ Jewish ✦ Christian ✦ Muslim Eschatological Jerusalem ❖ LDS Revelation ✦ Orson Hyde Dedication Prayer Eschatological Jerusalem ❖ Contemporary ❖ Arab Political Struggle vs. Israeli as a cosmic struggle Israeli Third Temple Movement Israeli Third Temple Movement Israeli Third Temple Movement ...
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