Refinements on the Weighted

Refinements on the Weighted - REFINEMENTS ON THE...

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Unformatted text preview: REFINEMENTS ON THE WEIGHTED-AVERAGE METHOD Kellogg Company has produced Eggo Waffles since 1970. Three departments produce these waffles: Mixing, Baking, and Freezing/Packaging. The Mixing Department combines dry ingredients, including flour, salt, and baking powder, with liquid ingredients, including eggs and vegetable oil, to make waffle batter. Illustration 16-9 provides information related to the Mixing Department at the end of June. Illustration 16-9 Information for Mixing Department Helpful Hint When are separate unit cost computations needed for materials and conversion costs? Illustration 16-9 indicates that the beginning work in process is 100% complete as to materials cost and 70% complete as to conversion costs. Conversion costs are the sum of labor costs and overhead costs. In other words, Kellogg adds both the dry and liquid ingredients (materials) at the beginning of the waffle-making process, and the conversion costs (labor and overhead) related to the...
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Refinements on the Weighted - REFINEMENTS ON THE...

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