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Find the acceleration of the tip of the pendulum (point P ). Remember - focus on the FARM (frame selection, angles, angular rates, and matrix formulation). 1 16.61 Pro f .J .P .How Prof. J. Deyst Handout #3 Feb 20, 2002 Due: Feb 25, 2002
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Unformatted text preview: is not systematic and clear. 1. A spring pendulum is attached to a rotating shaft by an arm (length d = 0 . 8m), as shown in the gure. At the instant shown, the shaft is rotating with the constant angular velocity = 0 . 4 rad/sec, = 30 , = 0 . 3 rad/sec and = 2 rad/sec 2 . The pendulum length is L = 1 . 3m and it is currently getting shorter at the constant rate . 1m/s....
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