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NAME:___________________________ Massachusetts Institute of Technology Logistical and Transportation Planning Methods 1.203J/6.281J/13.665J/15.073J/16.76J/ESD.216J Quiz #2 OPEN BOOK December 4, 2002 1. Please do Problems 2 and 3 in a booklet separate from Problem 1. 2. We have given you extra copies of the figures, in case you would like to use the drawings in your answers. You are obviously also welcome to write all answers directly in your exam book. If you want the grader to refer to answers or work shown on these extra figure sheets, please note this in your exam book (e.g. “See enclosed figure”) and label this figure as “Answer to Question <blank>”. 3. Put your name on each booklet, this exam, and the extra copies of the figures we have given you. At the end of the exam, turn in all of these items, even if you did not write on them. 4. Remember to please explain all of your work! We like to give deserved partial credit. Good luck!
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Problem 1 (35 points) Consider a square one kilometer on a side, as shown in Figure 1. Geometrically, this is the same square that appeared in Problem 1 of Quiz #1. That is, emergency incidents can only occur on the perimeter of the square and travel can occur only along the perimeter of the square. There is no travel within the square. There are no emergency incidents within the square. U-turns are allowed and travel always occurs along the shortest path. The square is served by two ambulances, ambulance #1 garaged in the northeast corner of the square and ambulance #2 garaged in the southwest corner of the square, as shown in Figure 1. Ambulances always return to their home garage locations after answering emergencies.
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