04quiz1 - 1.203J/6.281J/15.073J/16.76J Logistical and...

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Unformatted text preview: _______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ 1.203J/6.281J/15.073J/16.76J Logistical and Transportation Planning Methods Massachusetts Institute of Technology Quiz 1 October 25, 2004 1. Total time allotted is 90 minutes. 2. Open book. 3. Please print your name clearly on each page you turn in. 4. Please answer each problem on a separate page “Help is on the way!” --Dick Cheney (2000), John Kerry (2004) True, but please answer all questions on your own, showing all work. Good luck. Problem 1 (20 points) Mendel arrives at a bus stop at which busses appear under a Poisson process with rate λ per minute. Let random variable h be the length in minutes of the interval in which he arrives. What is the mean of h? Explain. (There is more than one way to do this problem.) Problem 2 (20 points) Suppose that x 1 and x 2 are U(0,a) and independent, and let z = x 1 x 2 . Use Crofton’s method to find the mean of z. method to find the mean of z....
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04quiz1 - 1.203J/6.281J/15.073J/16.76J Logistical and...

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